More Common Than A Flea On A Dog

Picture this scene if you will.

I’m walking down the street and there in a nearby park are a bunch of kids playing baseball. Well, they’re more arguing about whether the kid who just hit a lazy roller down the first base line was safe or out. Admit it. You see this happen all the time when kids get together to play ball.

Truth be told, this scene which I have witnessed countless times in my life, is quite common. In fact it’s more common than silica sand. If you don’t know what that is, you can look it up.

But that’s not the point of this little anecdote.

Why are things like this so common? In order to answer that, we’d have to take a course in psychology which is way beyond the scope of this little article. But make no mistake about it, if you added up all the common things in this world and tried to write about them all…you’d have a book the size of Texas.

And that’s pretty darn big.


Flight Fear

Flight disorders are real, and they exist only to those who had not had a chance to board and enjoy the best flights. Maybe they have not had a chance to be served by the beautiful hostess in those good looking uniform and their courteous language. Allegedly those who fear high flights end up loving them after having an engaged interaction with the hostess.

The air hostess tend to appear very beautiful and accurate and young. This triggers the thinking of whether the hostesses London are given a contract of up to a certain age like let’s say 35 years where they retire. They have to keep looking good all through could be they take regular cosmetic surgeries. Certainly remains an issue that only they know but good thing they play a huge part in eliminating flight fear for many. Just by a look of them makes one forget the fear and with no time they are about to get to the destined landing place.